Saving points

Ambassador points are awarded for overnight stays, meeting rooms and meeting packages at participating hotels. 

Register all your bookings on your personal webpage and watch your point balance soar. Bookings can be registered until 6 months after the arrival date. The points are credited onto your account latest 14 days after the registration when the retro claim meets the following standard criteria:

  • 5.000 points or less
  • 1-10 hotel rooms
  • 1-31 nights
  • 1-100 participants of a meeting package
  • total reservation value is € 2.000,= or less

When the retro claim exceeds these criteria, the points are credited onto your account latest 60 days after the registration.

Points for hotel accommodation

You are awarded 1 Ambassador point per Euro* spent on the reservation value of every reservation made through and all other Golden Tulip websites, the toll free reservation numbers and directly booked with the hotels. Except for long stay rates and leisure packages, all rates offered via the above mentioned reservations methods are eligible for points.
For bookings made in currencies other than the Euro, US Dollar and UK Pound, Ambassador points are awarded based on Euros at the actual exchange rate.

Points for meeting rooms

For each meeting room you book at the participating hotels you receive a fixed amount of Ambassador points per day:

Hotel Number of Ambassador Points
(awarded on the reservation value of your stay, at eligible rates)

Tulip Inn

400 Ambassador points

Golden Tulip

550 Ambassador points

Royal Tulip Luxury Hotels

650 Ambassador points

Does your meeting also include delegates staying overnight? Then your point balance will soar, as all room bookings for the delegates may be registered as well.

Points for meeting packages

You are entitled to save Ambassador points on meeting packages. As soon as the meeting package includes an overnight stay, you are awarded points per delegate. The number of points per participating brand are the same.
The 8-hour and 12-hour packages are awarded the same way as the meeting rooms.

Hotel Number of Ambassador Points
(awarded on the reservation value of your stay, at eligible rates)

8 hour package

Please refer to "meeting rooms"

12 hour package

Please refer to "meeting rooms"

24 hour package

100 Ambassador points per delegate

32 hour package

150 Ambassador points per delegate

56 hour package

200 Ambassador points per delegate

When registering a meeting package, the overnight stays (guest rooms) can not be registered seperately anymore. These are already included in the number of points per delegate.

Points per currency

For the Euro, US Dollar and the UK Pounds the number of points awarded has fixed as shown below. For all other currencies, the exchange rate equivalent to the euro is being used.

Currency Number of Ambassador Points
(awarded on the reservation value of your stay, at eligible rates)


1 point per Euro spent

US Dollar

1 point per US Dollar spent

UK Pound

1.5 points per UK Pound spent

Eligible rates

You can save points on the reservation value of your stay on all rates except:

  • Airline & travel agency employee rates
  • Coupons & vouchers
  • All prepaid rates (including tour operator and internet rates)
  • Group rates
  • Internet rates not booked on Golden Tulip official websites
  • Package & specially negotiated long stay rates

Points are only awarded when you have registered the booking on your personal webpage. Bookings can be registered within 6 months after the departure date.

Validity of your Ambassador points

Your Ambassador Club points are valid for a period of two years. After 2 years of inactivity (2 years of no point registration) the Ambassador Club administration reserves the right to unsubscribe members from the Ambassador Club. At that moment all collected points will be forfeited.